SPALSüdtirol - SPAL, Alfonso's comments after the match


Südtirol - SPAL, Alfonso's comments after the match

In the post-match of the match against Südtirol also reached the press room of the "Druso" Stadium goalkeeper Enrico Alfonso, who commented on the match against the biancorossi as follows.

"The fans were as always to be applauded, - said the white and blue goalkeeper - they came here in large numbers and supported us from the first to the last minute. At the end of the match they reaffirmed their attachment to the jersey and asked us in these last matches to play as if we were Spallini fans."

"It is hard to comment on yet another defeat, we are deeply sorry, but there are still eight games to go and there are so many points at stake. In light of the latest results and performances we certainly need to do more from the point of view of attitude, which, however, is not one of unwillingness, but is that of a team that accuses the situation and fails to give that aggressive response, a response of nastiness on the field. But I repeat that we still have eight games ahead of us including several direct confrontations, we have to sell our skins dearly and play as the last in the standings, which we failed to do today."