SPALSüdtirol - SPAL, coach Oddo's post-match conference


Südtirol - SPAL, coach Oddo's post-match conference

At the end of the match against Südtirol, coach Massimo Oddo reached the press room of the "Druso" Stadium to answer questions from the journalists present.

"More than even," said the spallino coach, "I think we did better in the first half, definitely better. We did what we had to do against a team that makes physicality its strength and does it well. From a physical point of view it is hard to find a stronger formation than this one and we knew that. We tried to dribble a little more, doing good things but always with little concreteness. We created a few chances, we also kept possession fairly well, but we were stung by an episode on the occasion of the first goal. Südtirol is a team that, even more so when it goes ahead, is tough to deal with, we kept trying to do something, even inserting more offensive players."

"Look, from a certain point of view I am even ashamed to say that we played a good game however it is the truth. I understand that the fans can also get upset because they say 'yes, we play good games however we always lose' and this is also a truth. We tried to do what we prepared in training and we did it well, even creating some danger. Surely we have some offensive limits, but let's not forget that Südtirol is a team that really concedes little, plays in the thirty meters in front of the penalty area and it is complicated to create chances against them. I feel sorry for the 700 fans who came all the way here to support us, we have to believe and we have to keep going. As other teams have done, we can score six points in two games: we have to do it, we have to do everything to do even more."

"Today Nicolo Contiliano, a boy only eighteen years old, played a very good game," concluded coach Oddo," however, it is normal that on the level of experience something pays off. Matteo Prati is undoubtedly a player with a certain future, but experience counts especially in the presence of opponents like these. We had in front of us a team that on the physical level passes over almost all other Serie B formations and has a lot of experience inside. We conceded the second goal because of a player who jumped at the second post: we don't have that malice that allows us not to lose a game when you can't win it. This was a must-win game, and you probably didn't even deserve to lose it because of what you did on the field."