SPALAlessandro Bassoli's presentation conference


Alessandro Bassoli's presentation conference

The presentation conference of the new Biancazzurro player Alessandro Bassoli was held today at the press room of the "Centro Sportivo G.B. Fabbri".

Opening the press conference was technical director Filippo Fusco, who said, "We are presenting Alessandro today after he has already taken the field in two games, in which he showed that he can fit into the team group and that he is ready both physically and mentally to give us a hand. I am sure he will be able to give SPAL a big hand as the season continues."

Next, the new spallino defender took the floor, who, answering questions from the journalists present, said, "I am proud to be part of such a glorious club and it was impossible to refuse a proposal from SPAL. I immediately got on very well, thanks to the positive reception given to me by my new teammates. The fact that the team is going through a delicate moment for me is a reason for even greater commitment to lend a hand to the group on all fronts."

"The team is the first to suffer from the moment and the defeat that I also experienced in the last two rounds. But I found a cohesive group, with very strong unity of purpose and great professionalism from everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. I also noticed a desire for revenge, because on the field during the week there is that will to do essential to grow and improve."

"The last period on a personal level was very hard, because I was facing a situation that was unprecedented for me. Mentally, I won't hide that I was also a bit dejected, but I always thought that training and daily effort could benefit me. Now I can appreciate the reason for all the efforts made during the summer and the beginning of this season, thanks to which I was able to play two ninety-minute games just a few days apart."

"Attitude and character make the difference. The only word we consider is work, because it is the daily work that allows us to put a brick every practice to get out of this situation."