SPALCarrarese - SPAL, Coach Colucci's pre-match conference


Carrarese - SPAL, Coach Colucci's pre-match conference

At the end of the morning refinement, coach Leonardo Colucci reached the press room of the "G.B. Fabbri" Sports Center for the pre Carrarese - SPAL conference, a match valid for the 14th day of the Serie C NOW 2023/2024 Championship.

"Tomorrow we must try to play a game of attention and concentration for all ninety-five minutes. We have to put great organization and panache on the field, going to hurt the opponent when there is to do so and defending with our teeth when there is to defend, because that's what we want."

"We always work on two game situations and, as I often say, you have to put the players in the right place to be able to perform at their best. We are not recovering anyone from the injured and Contiliano has been added to the list of unavailable due to a feverish condition, but tomorrow with the players available we will field a formation to be able to play an important game."

"This week we focused on working and analyzing the mistakes we made that give you the cue to deal with the day-to-day. It was a typical week to be able to work on the physical aspect as well, which allowed us to recover some guys from a condition standpoint, and we worked on a couple of situations."

"Maistro is a player who can give any role both in midfield and in attack: he is good in both departments and we evaluated his position. Against Pontedera Fabio, like everyone else, played a good game in which he created important chances that we expect from him because he has great qualities."

"Tomorrow SPAL must put in a performance with few mistakes, staying in the game for the entire ninety-five minutes. We can never let our guard down, so what I asked the boys for the challenge against Carrarese is a careful, short and aggressive game."