SPALAccademia SPAL Femminile narrowly defeated on the field of Chieti


Accademia SPAL Femminile narrowly defeated on the field of Chieti

A narrow defeat for the Accademia SPAL Femminile, which lost 3-2 on the field of Calcio Femminile Chieti.

In the first ten minutes the biancazzurre had two chances with Salimbeni and Sabia, but the shoulder pads' conclusions went out just wide. is the prelude to the advantage of the same Salimbeni, who from inside the small area scores on a turn. 

Coach Rossi's girls also came close to doubling the lead with two counterattacks led by Berti, but not finalized. Instead, it is Chieti who equalizes with a conclusion by Martella that touches the crossbar and goes into the goal.

The hosts doubled soon after with Gissi's header off an assist from Liberatore, but right on the stroke of halftime it was Sabia who hit the 2-2 goal directly off a free kick.

In the second half Dal Brun made herself dangerous on two occasions: first with a direct shot to the cross of the posts saved by Falcocchia in the corner and then with a free kick that grazed the post.

Fifteen minutes into the match, however, it was Chieti who made it 3-2, thanks to Paparella's goal in a scrum. The biancazzurre did not give up and tried to reach the tie until the very last, but despite the final forcing attempts the result did not change.


Calcio Femminile Chieti - Accademia SPAL Femminile  3-2

Scorers: 11’ Salimbeni (S), 21’ Martella (C), 32' Gissi (C), 45’ Sabia (S), 75’ Paparella (C)

Calcio Femminile Chieti: Falcocchia, Di Gesualdo, Martella, Liberatore (46’ Mazzieri), Di Camillo, Paparella, Pitittu (88’ Tucceri), D’Intino, Gianesin, Passeri, Gissi (90’ Iannetta). Substitutes: Venditti, De Vincentiis, Di Sebastiano, Campanelli, Baboro. Coach Di Camillo

Accademia SPAL Femminile: Nicola, Chiellini, Pacella (75’ Hassanaine), Sabia, Loberti, Dal Brun, Orsini, Moreira (79’ Omokaro), Berti, Salimbeni, Carli. Substitutes: Cazzioli, Grassi, Jaszczyszyn, Alfieri, Zanini, Perna. Coach Rossi

Referee: Bini from Macerata (Perfetto from Pescara – Antonucci from Pescara)

Notes: yellow card for Di Gesualdo (C)