SPALThe SSP - SPAL Soccer Program - Project

The SSP - SPAL Soccer Program - Project

On 12 September 2022, the SSP (SPAL Soccer Program) will be launched, the new path of excellence that is an introduction to the game of white and blue soccer.
The SSP project involves an annual training plan based on play, fun, and growth, ensuring a season experienced in the name of white and blue values and methodology. All the activities will be carried out in the Via Fabbri city facility, next to the new SPAL hostel facility.
Every child registered will be followed by an elite team, composed of qualified FIGC trainers and instructors who have graduated in physical education who will use the same methodology of the white and blue youth sector.
The formula involves three weekly trainings, which will be combined with test matches and official competitions in the weekend.
The SPAL Soccer Program involves limited-number groups to ensure the best level of training and is reserved for the following years:
  • Born in 2015 - Under 8;
  • Born in 2016 - Under 7;
  • Born in 2017 who have turned 5 - Under 6.
The goals of the program are the following:
  • Launch members in the sports discipline of soccer
  • Develop technical and coordination abilities and basic motor skills
  • Create opportunities for social relationships and interaction
  • Develop cognitive aspects through the game
  • Introduce members to the role of goalie
All members of the SPAL Soccer Program will be provided with:
  • Macron Kit
  • Subscription to SPAL home games at the “Paolo Mazza” stadium in Ferrara
  • Chance to participate in club events such as tournaments and stadium days
Monday, 22 August, at 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, 28 August, at 9:30 a.m., interested families are invited to participate in open days that will be held at the “G.B. Fabbri” Sports Centre to find out about the SPAL methodology and get to know the staff who will support the littlest athletes.
Just send an email to containing the details of your child, date of birth, and valid medical certificate (or green booklet).