The Paolo Mazza Stadium

The Paolo Mazza Stadium

Paolo Mazza, previously Stadio Littorio and Stadio Comunale, dates back to 1919, but was officially inaugurated on 20 September 1928. Its 94 years of activity means, today, it boasts the title of fifth oldest Italian stadium.

On 14 February 1982, one and half months after the death of the SPAL President Paolo Mazza, the city’s administration decided to name the stadium in his honour. 2022 marks the fortieth anniversary of this event.

Stadio Paolo Mazza

The original capacity was approximately 4,000 seats distributed between terraces and a single stand covered in cement. Its original structure also boasted an athletics track and a velodrome, which were dismantled at the end of the Second World War to enable the construction of bleachers that could host 25,000 people.

Over the years, the various sectors of the stadium were renovated with consequent changes to the facility’s hosting capacity as well.

In summer 2016, as a result of SPAL’s promotion to Serie A, the stadium underwent a partial renovation. New turnstiles were installed, the terrace below the stand was demolished, the field was widened, and a direct link with the changing rooms was created. In the following 2 years, to comply with infrastructure criteria, the stadium continued to undergo modifications and expansions until reaching its current configuration that provides for 16,134 entirely covered seats.

Today, the Mazza stadium comprises:

  • Tribuna Sud [South Stand]: the main sector that also hosts the changing rooms and the technical facilities. It includes 76 media spots and two hospitality ones for a total capacity of 3,928 places.
  • Field Box: located on the sides of the benches, these are reserved for white and blue sponsors and can host 112 people in total.
  • Gradinata Nord [North Bleachers]: mirroring the south stand, it has a reception capacity of 3,740 seats. It hosts a giant screen and an LED cover and is also served by a hospitality area.
  • Curva Ovest [West Curve]: named after “Giuseppe Campione”, an ex- SPAL forward, it hosts the organised white and blue supporters, for a total of 4,250 places.
  • Curva Est [East Curve]: it hosts 4,216 spectators in total and is partially reserved for guest fans (1,490 seats).
  • SKY BOX: new for the 2022-23 season; this is the creation of 2 facilities in the Tribuna Sud able to host 16 people in total; these are reserved for a business audience.

Technical Specifications

Construction year: 1927, inaugurated on 20 September 1928
Ownership: City of Ferrara
Playing Field Dimensions: 105 x 68 m
Covering: Tribuna, Gradinata, Curva Ovest, Curva Est
Lighting: playing field
Media Stand Places: 76
Total Capacity (C.P.V.L.PS.): 16134
Catering Service: Tribuna, Gradinata, Curva Ovest, Curva Est
Operator: S.P.A.L. SRL, Via Copparo, 142 – 44123 Ferrara

How to get there

It is approximately 1 km from the Historic Centre. (direction: Railway Station)
From the Railway Station, it is approximately 500 m (direction: City Centre)
From the Ferrara Nord motorway exit, it is approximately 5 km. (direction: City Centre)
From the Ferrara Sud motorway exit, it is approximately 9 km. (direction: City Centre)

Via / Piazza: Corso Piave 28
City: Ferrara
Province: Ferrara
Region: Emilia Romagna

Match day pedestrian routes

TRIBUNA, Corso Piave
This can be reached from the south via Via Paolo V and from the west via Viale IV Novembre (The odd-numbered side of the Tribuna cannot be reached from Via Fortezza).

GRADINATA, Via Cassoli
This can be reached from the north via Via Ortigara and from the west via the parking area of Viale IV Novembre (The eastern side of the Gradinata cannot be reached from Via Cassoli).

CURVA OVEST, Via Ortigara
This can be reached from the section between Via Cassoli and Corso Piave, from the south via Via Paolo V, and from the west via Viale IV Novembre and Corso Piave.

This can be reached from the south via Via Fortezza.

This can be reached from the north via Via Isonzo/Corso Piave.

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