SPALInaugurated Casa SPAL, the new home of the youth sector


Inaugurated Casa SPAL, the new home of the youth sector

Casa SPAL, the new home of the Biancazzurro Youth Sector, was inaugurated today.

Located at 410 Via Giuseppe Fabbri, Casa SPAL stems from the collaboration agreement between the Biancozzurro club and the Archdiocese of Ferrara-Comacchio regarding the management of the Cenacolo Residence, owned by the Archdiocese.

Just a few minutes from the city center, the new home of the Spallino academy can accommodate up to 70 youngsters and is equipped with multifunctional common spaces, such as study rooms, common rooms, canteen, games room and meeting room, as well as a large garden and a soccer field, which will soon be made available to the children of the biancazzurra soccer school.

The inauguration ceremony was also attended by Ferrara Mayor Alan Fabbri and Vicar General of the Diocese of Ferrara Monsignor Massimo Manservigi, who were accompanied by biancazzurro president Joe Tacopina, general manager Andrea Gazzoli, technical director Fabio Lupo and youth sector manager Andrea Catellani, who did the honors.

"This is a special day not only for our Youth Sector," continued the club's number one, "but for all of SPAL. It is a tangible demonstration of what I have been advocating from day one: I believe completely in our academy, which is the beating heart of the club, and represents a fundamental asset capable of giving us back an important competitive advantage in the near future over many other clubs."

"In the last year our youth teams have collected excellent sporting results," the president concluded, "further embellished by the victory of the Under 18 Scudetto last June, of which I am extremely happy, but today we find ourselves here celebrating a unique structure in the entire national panorama. A home where our young players can grow up in a happy, safe environment that is focused on their every need. A true family born from the great work of Andrea Catellani and all his fantastic staff."

"SPAL looks ahead," said Mayor Alan Fabbri, "and once again demonstrates that it believes in and invests in its youth sector, an element that makes it a reality of excellence in Italy and that represents an absolute example and model. The structure being inaugurated today upgrades the previous one, multiplying the opportunities for so many youngsters, for the team and for the city, to take a further step forward in the development of the youth sector, the promotion of sport and training related to it. Here young people will be able to count on services, equipment and tools to grow and train, with the goal of becoming the champions of tomorrow. I thank SPAL, I thank the staff working here, and I congratulate all those involved, from whose partnership a new opportunity for growth for the sport and the city has arisen."

"I join in the thanks made by the president," added general manager Gazzoli, "because the structure we are inaugurating today is the result of the commendable work of a great team, from the conception of the project to the arrangement and care of every detail. As chance would have it, it was in the very last league match that Peda, the eleventh player who grew up in our youth sector and has made his professional debut with the biancazzurra jersey from 2016 to the present, scored. I hope that thanks to Casa SPAL soon many more of our youngsters will be able to take a similar path and succeed in achieving other prestigious goals."

"This place was until a few years ago a center of spirituality," said Monsignor Massimo Manservigi, "and when we began to discuss this new project with the SPAL management, the common desire has always been to be able to create an ideal environment for the all-round growth of the boys, even and especially outside the playing field. The work on the facility done in recent months has focused on the concepts of light and transparency, which fully reflect the beautiful relationship between the staff and the boys. I thank President Tacopina for his cooperation, clarity and listening to the Archdiocese throughout the implementation of this project."

"Today I feel the great responsibility of having to live up to such a project," said technical director Fabio Lupo, "and, at the same time, I have the opportunity to realize what is the dream of my career. When I think of my ideal club, I imagine exactly a reality that is able to do sustainable soccer through the creation of a youth sector with a solid foundation and sure prospects. I always believed it was a utopia and, instead, today it has become a reality."

"If we are here today," said Andrea Catellani, "so much is owed to the people in this room, who have worked tirelessly in recent months to enable SPAL to lay a milestone in its future. I believe that today not only SPAL, but also the whole city of Ferrara has an element capable of distinguishing it nationally, not only in the football scene."

"The sports part is undoubtedly relevant," the head of the Biancazzurro youth sector continues, "but it is much more important to create a path that allows the boys to feel at home even if they are thousands of miles away. Being able to do this is not just a personal satisfaction, but it is that of an entire working group that puts in the utmost professionalism and availability every day."

"For us, doing the youth sector means envisioning the future of our youngsters and treating them as children," Andrea Catellani finished, "because for us they are such, children to be supported and grown step by step. We hope that more and more young players will be able to reach our first team, becoming an asset of the club, but it will be just as nice and gratifying for all of us in ten or fifteen years to receive a message from someone of the boys who have passed here thanking us for the education and experience lived within these walls."