SPALSPAL Foundation, new biancazzurro project kicks off


SPAL Foundation, new biancazzurro project kicks off

At the press room of the "G.B. Fabbri" Sports Center, a press conference was held to present the newly formed SPAL Foundation, the new reality created by the biancazzurro club to pursue projects and activities of responsibility and social inclusion in the Ferrara area, also collaborating with non-profit organizations and local associations to develop common charitable initiatives.

Doing the honors and opening the press conference was biancazzurro president Joe Tacopina, who said, "SPAL Foundation represents a very important opportunity for the Club, for me personally and for the city. We have started this project of which I am extremely proud, with the aim of effectively giving something back to the city, we want to promote values and initiatives that will allow us to make our contribution to the community. Sport is an important means of conveying positive values, soccer is particularly so and here in Ferrara it is even more so given the visceral love for this club."

"We have already invested so much in the area," the SPAL number one continued, "and we will continue to do so by trying to support especially the youngest to help them in the difficulties they may encounter in their lives. No one should be left behind, and we must make sure that the weakest can dream big as much as others."

"This year we started the project "La Scuola Biancazzurra" managing to involve many children that I myself had the opportunity to meet and the joy and love for our colors strongly convinced me to go ahead with this path. Today SPAL Foundation represents one more confirmation of the self-sacrifice and bond that our club and this ownership have and will continue to have with the city of Ferrara."

"I want to conclude by thanking all those who have worked in recent months on the creation of this new reality and especially Martina Vanzetto, our Social Responsibility & Charity Manager, Laura Semprini and Davide Insalaco, who from the first minute have spent themselves with great determination demonstrating an infinite passion for this project and all the activities undertaken."

Next, General Manager Andrea Gazzoli took the stage and said, "The entire structure of the club has worked so hard to build the projects born this season. I would like to emphasize that SPAL has always pursued objectives of social responsibility towards the city, towards the territory and, above all, towards the youngest. These aspects today have also become an obligation from the football point of view for UEFA and FIFA, showing how values such as inclusion and the growth of young people have become fundamental for every sports association."

"The birth of the SPAL Foundation, being a third sector entity, now allows the club to obtain liberal disbursements and access numerous calls for proposals in which SPAL would otherwise not be able to participate. The Municipality of Ferrara always accompanies us with great attention and availability in this area and I would like to thank Councillor Coletti present here today, as well as Councillors Kusiak and Guerini with whom we have already had the pleasure of collaborating in recent months."

"We wanted to create a dedicated logo for the Foundation, which has a strong identity connection with the historic coat of arms of our Society. The logo is then broken down into four different sub-areas that recall the Foundation's different areas of activity, which are: community, green, education and charity."

Finally, Councillor for Social Policies of the Municipality of Ferrara Cristina Coletti spoke: "It is with great pleasure that I am here with you to participate in the official birth of the SPAL Foundation and I also feel a sense of responsibility, since the first event scheduled concerns a topic closely related to my delegations. I liked the project immediately, just as I liked the spirit with which the Società biancazzurra approached the council office."

"I found in both Laura and Martina people of great sensitivity and a spirit of great passion, which was immediately contagious and that is why the municipality decided to sponsor the Easter Egg Hunt initiative. The involvement of my department meant that we were able to identify an association in the area, the Association I Frutti dell'Albero, which mainly assists children with autism. Thanks to the involvement of the children themselves, their families and many volunteers, it was possible to make 200 eggs that will be the subject of the treasure hunt scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, April 2, at Parco Massari."

"I hope that we will be able to approach many people who will want to be of contribution to the realization of the project," concluded Councillor Coletti, "making a concrete contribution because all the proceeds will be donated to the cooperative I Frutti dell'Albero. In addition to this first event there are many initiatives that will be able to be of help to those who are in a state of difficulty and need support, so my applause and thanks go to the choice and commitment that SPAL has put forth in recent months for our city and our citizens."