SPALPisa - SPAL, coach Oddo's post-match conference

FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2023

Pisa - SPAL, coach Oddo's post-match conference

At the end of the match against Pisa, coach Massimo Oddo reached the press room of the "Arena Garibaldi - Romeo Anconetani" stadium to answer questions from the journalists present.

"Today it was our obligation to put all possible effort on the field. During the week I asked the boys several times to let me know who did not feel up to it out of respect, first and foremost, for the fans, but also for the Club, the jersey, themselves and the entire technical staff. No one raised their hand, so I was able to choose without conditioning and we all did what we had to do. The three-man defense then was a forced decision, because I had few midfielders at my disposal and to play four all at once would have been risky, because I would not have had enough changes in the running game."

"I have always said that the head commands everything. I had a doubt before the game: a resounding mental breakdown and, therefore, a heavy defeat or a reaction of pride and the mental serenity that leads you to do things you would not do otherwise. Fortunately, the reaction was positive and it is normal for me that it was so. The team tonight played a good game, maybe one of the best under me, and they did it because they had a clear head."