SPALAccademia SPAL also beats Vis Pesaro in the national stage of Coppa Italia

MONDAY, MAY 22, 2023

Accademia SPAL also beats Vis Pesaro in the national stage of Coppa Italia

There is no more stopping the biancazzurre of the Accademia SPAL Women's team, which, in the debut match of the national phase of the Coppa Italia, won 0-2 at home against Vis Pesaro.

The competition pits the fourteen winners of the trophy at the regional level against each other, divided into four groups of which two of three teams and two of four teams, according to the criterion of territorial proximity. Coach Salvatore Panico's girls have been placed in group C along with Isera and Vis Pesaro, who won the regional phase in Trentino / Alto-Adige and Marche, respectively.

On the pitch of the biancorosse, Accademia SPAL dominated the match right from the start, coming close to scoring on several occasions: first with Lorenzon's right-footed volley from inside the box and then with Williams' double attempt that, in both cases, ended high just over the crossbar.

In the opening minutes of the second half it was the goleador defender Grecu who came close to taking the lead with a header from a scrum, but it was only a matter of time to break the balance because in the 64th minute it was newly-entered Hassanaine who put the biancazzurre ahead with a precise tap-in on Williams' cross.

Despite the advantage, the biancazzurre continued to insist and, after a great chance on Tinelli's feet in front of Lisotta, it was the same spallina striker who scored the final 0-2 goal in full recovery: Hassanaine was foully landed in the penalty area and from the penalty spot Tinelli didn't miss, securing the success.

The Accademia SPAL thus climbs to the top of the round together with Isera, which beat the Marche women 3-1 on the first day. The next round sees the biancazzurre host precisely the Trentino formation on the Vigarano pitch, where another victory will be needed to center qualification for the semifinals.

This is the scoreboard of the match:

Vis Pesaro - Accademia SPAL 0-2

Scorers: 64' Hassanaine, 91' pen. Tinelli

Vis Pesaro: Lisotta, Fiorella, Marcucci, Ferri, Mughetti, Venerandi, Crinelli, Mainardi, Cinti, Livi, Silvestrini. Substitutes: Maroccini, Bellardinelli, Canu, Fabi, Gambini, Orazi, Scatassa. Coach Cenerilli

Accademia SPAL: Italiano, Grecu, Zanini, Williams, Biban, Loberti, Filippini, Barison (59' Hassanaine), Lorenzon (86' Grassi), Fratini, Tinelli. Substitutes: Nicola, Orlandi, Fogli, Ferrara, Magaraggia, Boccanfuso, Boscolo. Coach Panico

Referee: Casali from Cesena