SPALCarrarese - SPAL, the words of Alessandro Tripaldelli


Carrarese - SPAL, the words of Alessandro Tripaldelli

In the post-match of Carrarese - SPAL, defender Alessandro Tripaldelli also reached the mixed zone of the "Dei Marmi" Stadium to comment on the match against the Tuscans.

"There is a lot of regret because we had played a careful game at home of a tough team and I saw the team fight on every ball. Unfortunately, the goal conceded in the recovery punished us exaggeratedly, because we did not deserve the defeat after putting great concentration on the field."

"It is a time of objective difficulty in which we also lost many important players, but the team nevertheless trains hard during the week. We must continue to work hard trying to always perform carefully and applied, because I am convinced that in the long run the results will come."