SPALSPAL - Cesena, coach Colucci's pre-match conference


SPAL - Cesena, coach Colucci's pre-match conference

On the eve of the match against the Romagnoli, coach Leonardo Colucci reached the press room of the Centro Sportivo "G.B. Fabbri" for the pre SPAL - Cesena conference, a game valid for the 21st day of the Serie C NOW 2023/2024 Championship.

"I wish to congratulate Cesena because they are doing an important championship, but we have prepared the match well during the week evaluating the strength of our opponent. There is great respect, but it is a derby and we would like to make a gift to our fans by winning a game, which will be to play with our heads held high as we have always done."

"Regarding our positive result streak, I think that even in some previous games where the result did not come, the team actually did not demerit. It is logical that with the positive result there is more confidence in their own means from the boys and you can breathe in the group a desire to do well and be able to create something important for SPAL."

"Edera on Sunday came onto the field with the right attitude, you could sense his desire to smash the world and it is right that it should be so given the long stop behind him and so tomorrow he can also play. As for Büchel, he is a guy who chose SPAL and did everything he could to come to Ferrara: we have to evaluate his use well also out of respect for the group and as of today I cannot say what his minutes are at the moment. I am sure, however, that he is a player who will be able to make this team and all the young guys we have on the roster grow a lot."

"Iglio has been training all week with the group and is regularly available for tomorrow. He has, on the other hand, still done individual work but is definitely better Dalmonte, who will come on the bench tomorrow: he will not be usable, but I want him to be with us for a matter of confidence and so that he can experience again all the sensations related to game day. Saiani had a minor problem, but precautionally he will not be among the summoned players."

"Tomorrow I will ask the boys to always play with their heads held high, with respect but without fear of the opponent; I want them to go on the field carefree. I am convinced that the team will play a good game tomorrow: the boys must look the opponent in the eye and give an intense and tough performance capable of dragging our fans."