SPALSPAL City PASS, the new initiative presented by SPAL and ASCOM


SPAL City PASS, the new initiative presented by SPAL and ASCOM

The historic partnership - in place since 2014 - between SPAL and ASCOM Confcommercio is strengthened with the launch of SPAL City PASS, a new project that links sports and hospitality, as well as the provision of a series of other initiatives that also include a training plan dedicated to the biancazzurro staff.

Doing the honors was Corrado Di Taranto, general manager of SPAL, while for ASCOM Confcommercio Ferrara, provincial president Marco Amelio and general manager Davide Urban spoke.

"I am particularly happy that the already existing multi-year collaborative relationship with ASCOM Ferrara," the spallino general manager underlined, "will be further enriched today thanks to the initiatives we will develop together in the coming months. In particular, the "SPAL City Pass" project will allow the club to tighten its relationship even more firmly with the realities that make up the city's economic fabric, and we can only be proud of this."

"It strengthens," President Amelio continued, "a historic relationship between Ascom and SPAL: a partnership that started back in 2014, exactly ten years ago, and that today we are going to reinforce with new initiatives related to hospitality and professional training. SPAL is part of the most authentic identity of this city, it is part of its everyday life, in dialogue and confrontation, beyond the purely football data."

"Two conventions are in the field," specified Director Urban, "with subsidized costs for biancazzurri fans and guests at SPAL's home matches: agreements that will affect the accommodation and catering sector and that we intend to expand to the cultural and exhibition sector as well. To this we also add the educational sphere in favor of the Società biancazzurra.

To take advantage of the discounts, it will be enough to show in the participating activities the entrance coupon to the match or the season ticket card. At the moment, more than twenty businesses active in the catering and hospitality sector are already involved: an open list that can be joined during the course of the initiative and will soon grow even more.

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