SPALThe presentation conference of Marcel Büchel and Massimo Zilli


The presentation conference of Marcel Büchel and Massimo Zilli

The press conference for the presentation of the two new Biancazzurri players Marcel Büchel and Massimo Zilli was held this morning.

Opening the conference was the director of the technical area of SPAL, Filippo Fusco, who said, "I am very pleased to be here today to present two youngsters who, beyond the usual words, chose Ferrara with conviction. Both had situations that could be developed even in higher categories, yet they wanted to be here with us to give us an important hand."

"Marcel arrived earlier and I have already shared previous work experiences with him and I am happy because his presence will be important not only as a footballer, but also for his human and moral values: he is a leader, a great guy and I am sure he will make a great contribution to the growth of his teammates as well."

"Massimo is a bit younger and he also decided to leave Serie B where he had always played until now to come here and give us a hand and he was also very decisive in his choice to leave Cosenza just to come here to SPAL."

Afterwards, the floor was passed to the new biancazzurro midfielder Marcel Büchel, who responded as follows to the questions of the journalists present: "I thank President Tacopina for the opportunity, I am very happy to be part of this group and I am ready to give my best. What convinced me to choose this square was the director, the team and certainly the blazon of the club. I had opportunities to go to higher categories, but I am here because I see the potential to rise. My goal is not personal but collective: to give my all for the team by helping the youngsters and growing together all as a group."

"I found a very positive team, united, working well and I felt immediately inside the group and this is something that helps a lot to work better, then I am sure that with the return of the injured and the quality young and more experienced players we have, we will do well."

"Last year I was close to SPAL but then my arrival did not materialize, in retrospect maybe it was better I had arrived earlier, although I had a great time in Ascoli and it is a square that has given me a lot."

"As for the condition I am fine, I have always trained because I am a professional and a worker, although it is obvious that I miss the field. I've had this full week, and I feel ready to make my contribution, then the coach will decide."

"I don't want to think about the category, our home games will be Serie B, the stadium we play in says so, the quality of the team that doesn't respect the category, we know Serie C is tough but I'm confident."

Later, however, it was the turn of new Spallino number 21 Massimo Zilli who introduced himself to reporters with the following statements, "I am overjoyed to be here and I can't wait to give my contribution to reciprocate the trust the club has given me. I know I'm in a very important club and it's a shame to see it in this category, the goal however we have to set ourselves match after match trying to win as soon as possible."

"Everyone made me feel immediately at ease, I want to lend a hand, the group has important qualities, I see it in confidence, we come from a positive streak and there are all the conditions to do well."

"In Cosenza I was off to a very good start, last year was complicated because of the pressures I suffered also due to my lack of experience, it is a situation that certainly helped me mature and which I will treasure to deal with similar situations in the future."

"The goal is to score goals, I know everyone expects that and that is also my intent but for me it is also fundamental to make myself available to the team, to help my teammates if they should be in difficulty, to work with all departments and that is what I strive to do. In the last period I haven't played much but I'm fine, I've always trained, I'm serene available ready for the coach's choices."

"From Primavera 2 to Serie B was a big jump, Bisoli believed in me and I will always thank him for that, the first year I also had luck and probably paid for it a bit the following year. The jump between categories is huge both physically and mentally."