SPALPerugia - SPAL, Riccardo Collodel's post-match comments


Perugia - SPAL, Riccardo Collodel's post-match comments

In the post-match of Perugia - SPAL, biancazzurro midfielder Riccardo Collodel also reached the mixed zone of the "Renato Curi" Stadium to comment on the match against the Umbrians.

"It is a difficult match to comment, certainly in the second half we were not very precise and this led us to go down, giving our opponents more opportunities to hurt us. It turned in their favor an episode that allowed them to find the equalizing goal: there we had to be better at reacting without getting knocked down, because otherwise bad second halves come out as happened tonight. ."

"We undoubtedly have to do more and do better right away starting with the next game ahead of us. We need to correct the things that didn't work, as well as those that went positively: in the first half we approached the match well and even had chances to double, unfortunately it didn't turn out that way and now we immediately focus on the challenge of the next round."