SPALSPAL - Juventus Next Gen, coach Colucci's post-match conference


SPAL - Juventus Next Gen, coach Colucci's post-match conference

At the end of the match between SPAL and Juventus Next Gen, coach Leonardo Colucci reached the press room of the "Paolo Mazza" Stadium to comment with the journalists present on the challenge against the bianconeri.

"I did not expect the first 20 minutes like that, we lost too many balls and lent them the side. As far as I'm concerned it was because of too much tension, then after the two goals conceded the team reacted and even came close to equalizing. We had prepared a different game, we had to be aggressive but instead we struggled."

"Zilli already had flexor problems at the end of the first half, Rabbi gritted his teeth and played through the pain precisely because he knew Zilli had problems. Maistro and Buchel both asked for a change, while Peda's absence was due to a contracture suffered after yesterday's training."

"On the first goal we lost a bad ball and were punished for our mistake. We will still go to work both on video and on the field trying to eliminate the individual mistake."

"After the game we talked with the president and discussed the game. Today I knew the physical performance could be of a certain type, with players not yet in condition we also lacked a bit of luck. Going ahead can help you build self-esteem and go above fatigue."

"In the mental aspect we are working and will continue to do so, while we need to improve in the technical and tactical aspect through those players who should drag this team. There are also several important players who need to find the best condition and getting there takes time."