SPALSPAL - Arezzo, Luca Ghiringhelli's post-match comments


SPAL - Arezzo, Luca Ghiringhelli's post-match comments

In the post-match of SPAL - Arezzo, biancazzurro defender Luca Ghiringhelli also reached the press room of the "Mazza" Stadium to comment on the match against the amaranto.

"The whole team perceived this tie as a missed opportunity. We probably lacked in the end what, instead, we did well in the first 50 minutes. We all wanted to score goals and unlock it, but this led us to force some plays too much and we were not lucid in managing numerical superiority."

"In the first half we played at a good pace and we put Arezzo in trouble, creating some important chances but without being able to unlock it. We definitely needed to manage numerical superiority better, instead we got caught up in the hustle and bustle of wanting to score."