SPALNew success for Accademia SPAL Femminile against Riccione


New success for Accademia SPAL Femminile against Riccione

Third win out of four matches played in 2024 for the Accademia SPAL Femminile, which on the Vigarano field came out on top by a narrow margin against Riccione, regaining the victory after the two rounds of the championship stop due to the holding of the Viareggio Cup.

In the first half, the match was balanced and the biancazzurre were determined and proactive, coming close to scoring on several occasions with number 24 Ballo Salimata: the midfielder first touched the lead with a shot from the edge of the area and then with a header that grazed the post.

After the two attempts by the spalline, Riccione made itself dangerous with a shot from 25 yards by Edoci that Cazzioli, however, controlled from a distance.

In the second half, it was again Ballo who made herself the protagonist by slipping away from the Romagna women's rearguard, but her low shot went just wide.

It was just the prelude to the goal of the lead, which in fact arrived five minutes later: a defensive blunder by Riccione and Ballo was the quickest of all to take advantage of it to go off on a counterattack and score the 1-0 goal.

Thanks to this result, the Accademia SPAL Femminile shortens the distance from direct salvation, bringing it to just three lengths behind Vicenza, with two games to recover.


Accademia SPAL Femminile – Femminile Riccione 1-0

Scorer: 57’ Salimata

Accademia SPAL Femminile: Cazzioli, Chiellini, Pacella (80’ Omokaro), Sabia, Hassanaine (71’ Perna), Jaszczyszyn, Dal Brun, Orsini, Salimata, Salimbeni, Carli. Substitutes: Nicola, Grassi, Berti, Zanini, Pini. Coach Rossi

ASD Femminile Riccione: Boaglio, Calli, Costantini (72’ Bonora), Edoci, Grillo, Neddar, Pederzani (54’ Mari), Remondini, Scarpelli (54’ Bauce), Schipa, Tiberio (83’ Della Chiara). Coach Genovesio

Referee: Antonio Bissolo from Legnago

Notes: yellow cards for Chiellini, Salimata (S), Costantini, Tiberio (R).