SPALSestri Levante - SPAL, coach Di Carlo's pre-match conference


Sestri Levante - SPAL, coach Di Carlo's pre-match conference

On the eve of the upcoming challenge, coach Mimmo Di Carlo presented the Sestri Levante - SPAL match, scheduled for Sunday, March 3 at 4:15 p.m., at the pre-match press conference of the 29th day of the Serie C NOW 2023-2024 Championship.

"We are picking ourselves up, but we haven't done anything yet. This week has been very important for us, because it has allowed us to work better on so many mechanisms and aspects to be made to work better, but the team in this last period has done well from the point of view of attitude, courage and desire to pull ourselves out of this situation. The standings tell us that there are still teams ahead of us to catch up with, and we have to be good at finding and gathering the best from each confrontation, just as we did in the last period."

"In the return round it is more difficult for everyone to score points, but SPAL is there: it is a team in confidence, which is training well and has the strength and ability to be able to overturn even negative situations, however, to continue on this path we need a capital performance from everyone."

"On the part of the team, I liked the change in attitude that has matured at the mental level, because it was not easy for it to happen so quickly: in situations like these it is necessary to recreate confidence in and around the team, transmitting to all our fans that sense of belonging that SPAL has always had. Between performance, players and fans, support and trust are growing, and this bodes well for the continuation of the championship, because we know very well that we certainly cannot reach our goal alone."

"What do I expect from here onward from the guys? To be able to win games, starting tomorrow. As I also told them: it always takes a capital team performance, because being normal is not enough. We have a lot of quality and it is necessary for all departments to run for each other, so then everything works."

"It is a pity that tomorrow's match will be played behind closed doors, because being able to go to Vercelli to play a direct clash like the one against Sestri Levante with the support of our fans would have been important for us and would have been an additional strength. In the last period I think the fans have realized how hard the team is working to get out of this situation and they are giving us a big hand. We will have them away tomorrow, but we will try to play a capital game for them as well in anticipation of meeting them again on Wednesday in our stadium."