SPALSestri Levante - SPAL, Tomi Petrovic's post-match comments

SUNDAY, MARCH 03, 2024

Sestri Levante - SPAL, Tomi Petrovic's post-match comments

In the post-match of Sestri Levante - SPAL striker Tomi Petrovic also commented on the victory won by the biancazzurri at the "Silvio Piola" Stadium in Vercelli.

"I am overjoyed with these two goals, it was a liberation because since I arrived, several games have passed without managing to score and I am really happy. The most important thing, though, is today's win, which is fundamental for our path."

"We strikers are working for the team because the team needs our support. It's obvious that then we have to score goals, because that's what is expected of us, but that's how soccer is and the goalscoring doesn't always come, but we keep doing ours and sacrificing for the team. Today we overturned the result because we know that we are a strong team and we believed in it until the end."

"Today we all won the game together, there is no difference between those who played from the start and those who took over in the game. It was me who scored two goals, then maybe next game it will be someone else's turn, but the important thing is to always have this team spirit and fight until the end. Definitely the five consecutive useful results help and give us the confidence to continue on our way."

"Now we will dedicate ourselves to preparing for the next game, a tough match in which we will face the second in the standings. We know our qualities and we are in a good moment, we respect all opponents but we know what our value is and we go on the field to give everything."