SPALAll the best to Susy and all the biancazzurre fans!

FRIDAY, MARCH 08, 2024

All the best to Susy and all the biancazzurre fans!

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Under 9 biancazzurro team wanted to surprise Susanna Baisi, the historic manager of the laundry at the "G.B. Fabbri" Sports Center.

The little Spallini soccer players wanted to present Susy with a bouquet of mimosas each to thank her for the work and sacrifices she has been making every day for years to enable all the biancazzurri athletes, from the first team to the youth sector, to perform in the best possible way.

On this significant day, S.P.A.L. intends to celebrate the strength, courage and determination of all women by reiterating its daily commitment to achieving an increasingly equitable, inclusive and gender-neutral world.

On behalf of S.P.A.L., best wishes to Susi and all the biancazzurre supporters!