SPALPontedera - SPAL, coach Di Carlo's pre-match conference

FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2024

Pontedera - SPAL, coach Di Carlo's pre-match conference

Before leaving for Tuscany, coach Mimmo Di Carlo presented the Pontedera - SPAL match, scheduled for Saturday, March 16 at 6:30 p.m., in the pre-match press conference of the 32nd day of the Serie C NOW 2023-2024 Championship.

"Tomorrow we expect a match full of traps, because we face a healthy Pontedera, which plays on a synthetic pitch at home. It is a team that plays man-to-man and the individual duels will be decisive, we know where we are going and who we will face and we will do our best to get the maximum result."

"We are looking for continuity and there is a desire to pull ourselves out of this standings, because whoever is behind us is only two points behind us and therefore it is necessary to stretch. We have the awareness that we are a team that is well and does not lower its head when faced with difficulties, and this is the spirit I want to see from the team and from all of us, because only by staying united all together can we achieve the goals we have set for ourselves."

"We are doing some evaluation on individual players because there are a couple of guys who have not fully recovered but I know that those who will take the field will do their best to bring home the three points."

"We are continuing our path of growth and, after the victory over Rimini with a sumptuous second half, tomorrow we are expecting a match where one-on-one will be decisive: they are used to this kind of game, we certainly less so. For this reason we will have to be good at playing quality, moving, not giving points of reference and exploiting all our qualities, first and foremost the conviction of going to Pontedera to bring home points. Right now I see a cohesive and convinced group, which is why I am very confident."

"I accept that technical mistakes can be made, because it's part of the game, but I don't accept that we get the attitude wrong. We have to have an attitude identity and a high team spirit, this is something I don't compromise on because we owe it to the city and the fans."

"The moment is positive from everyone and the president's closeness is very pleasing because it brings a great energy that is what is needed at this time. Everyone has to push by making their contribution, because to get to the goal you need to be cohesive and united and now it is so. Now it's up to us, with performance, to continue to do our best to drag the whole environment."

"We absolutely must not take our foot off the accelerator because the first goal today is direct salvation, since the playouts are a difficult lottery to decipher and must be avoided at all costs. Let's get the necessary points as soon as possible, then once we get to safety we will see if there is a chance to change our goal. Pontedera is a crucial game to get to the goal quickly, so let's stay on the ball, keep our heads down and pedal. Beyond individual performances I'm seeing a change at the team level, everyone knows they have to go hard and they have to sacrifice, and on these two aspects we must not give an inch."