Accademia SPAL Femminile beats Padova and moves out of playoutSPAL


Accademia SPAL Femminile beats Padova and moves out of playout

A new victory for the Accademia SPAL Femminile, which won 3-0 over Calcio Padova Femminile in the recovery of the 16th day of Serie C.

The biancazzurre directed the match on the right tracks from the first minutes, taking the lead as early as the ninth minute with a goal by Ballo, who took full advantage of a raid from the left by Hassanaine, placing the ball behind Parnoffi.

On the quarter of an hour it was Hassanaine herself who came close to scoring with the crossbar centered from the distance, but it was only the prelude to her goal, which came three laps of the clock later: Loberti served the biancazzurra number seven in depth, who anticipated Parnoffi coming out and scored the double.

Then on the half-hour comes also the tris that closes the match definitively, realized by the same Hassanaine who is skillful in depositing in the net the assist of Dal Brun.

In the second half, the Accademia SPAL Femminile administers the advantage, continuing to push in search of the fourth goal, which is only touched: first, in fact, Salimbeni's conclusion is printed on the crossbar and then it is an excellent exit of Parnoffi to prevent Jaszczyszyn to go in the net.

Thanks to this success, coach Rossi's biancazzurre rise to 29 points in the standings, moving to eighth position with two points ahead of the playout zone.


Accademia SPAL Femminile – Calcio Padova Femminile 3-0

Scorers: 9’ Ballo, 18’ e 30’ Hassanaine

Accademia SPAL Femminile: Cazzioli, Chiellini (80’ Zanini), Sabia, Loberti, Hassanaine, Jaszczyszyn (73’ Berti), Dal Brun, Orsini, Ballo (67’ Omokaro), Salimbeni, Carli (55’ Pacella). Substitutes: Nicola, Grassi, Perna, Pini. Coach Rossi

Calcio Padova Femminile: Parnoffi, Fabbruccio, Paladini, Martinuzzi, Panza, Dal Fra, Rizzioli, Ciavatta, Gallinaro, Michelon, Pasquali. Substitutes: Spagnolo, Spinelli, Perego, Cigana, Mazis, Molon, Sensi. Coach Montresor

Referee: Masi from Pontedera (Reggiani from Finale Emilia - Cagnazzo from Modena)