SPALMeran Women wins 3-0 against Accademia SPAL Femminile

MONDAY, MAY 06, 2024

Meran Women wins 3-0 against Accademia SPAL Femminile

An away defeat for the Accademia SPAL Femminile, which lost 3-0 on the field of Accademia SPAL Femminile, the league's lone leader. 

After two laps of the shot clock, it was Accademia SPAL Femminilewho put the home team ahead with a saucer from inside the penalty area.

The response of the biancazzurre was not long in coming with the conclusions of Salimata and Salimbeni that were, however, walled off by Soraja.

On the other side of the pitch Nicola also made two great interventions, stopping both a distant conclusion by Massa and a shot from Zipperle.

In the opening minutes of the second half, the hosts found the double, thanks to Peer's shot that left no chance for the biancazzurro goalkeeper.

Coach Rossi's girls continued to look for the goal that would shorten the distance, but the chances created by Hassanaine, Salimata and Jaszczyszyn were all neutralized by the home defender.

In the final, the biancazzurre insistently tried to shorten the distances, but Meran to go in the net again for the final 3-0 with Nischler who from the edge of the area pierced Nicola.

A few minutes from the end the Accademia SPAL came close to scoring the flag, but Sabia's conclusion from the distance was printed on the crossbar.


Meran Women – Accademia SPAL Femminile  3-0

Scorers: 2’ Zipperle, 47’ Peer, 80’ Nischler

Meran Women: Soraja, Settecasi, Vaccari, Turrini, Tschöll, Kiem, Peer, Nischler, Zipperle, Massa, Reiner. Substitutes: Valenti, Pomella, Egger, Margesin Kofler, Pircher, Redza. Coach Valline

Accademia SPAL Femminile: Nicola, Orsini, Zanini, Pacella, Loberti, Dal Brun, Salimata, Carli (60’ Jaszczyszyn), Salimbeni (65’ Sabia), Berti, Hassanaine. Substitutes: Cazzioli, Omokaro, Perna, Grassi, Pini, Racioppo. Coach Rossi

Referee: Raineri from Como (Battan from Trento – Gottardi from Bolzano)