SPALSPAL wins 1-3 in joint training session with Padova

SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2024

SPAL wins 1-3 in joint training session with Padova

The joint training session held this afternoon by SPAL at the home of Padova ended with the result 1-3 in favor of the biancazzurri, which saw the two teams face each other in a test match divided into a 40-minute and a 35-minute half.

Despite various absences, coach Di Carlo's team came out on top at the Stadio Euganeo thanks to goals scored by Rabbi, and by the two SPAL Primavera players Van der Vlugt and Angeletti at the end of a purposeful and determined performance.

Not even a lap of the hands and Rabbi immediately broke the balance of the challenge with a precise tap-in on a low crossbar that beat Donnarumma.

Padova tried to react to the disadvantage, but SPAL kept a good watch and allowed little space for the biancoscudati, who struggled to trouble Alfonso, who, however, responded on attempts by Palombi and Zamparo.

Maistro on a free kick and Zilli's header off a corner go close to doubling the score, but at the end of the first half Padova equalized with Zamparo's header off a corner kick taken by Dezi.

At halftime coach Di Carlo replaces eight elevenths of the first-half lineup, also inserting youngster class of 2007 Cecchinato on the field.

In the tenth, Meneghetti guards well against Tordin's shot from distance, while five minutes later it is the captain and central defender of the Primavera biancazzurra Van der Vlugt who puts SPAL ahead again, resolving a scrum in the penalty area.

In the final minutes of the match, two other 2007 class players aggregated today to coach Di Carlo's team from the SPAL Under-17 selection, Rizzotto and Pegoraro, also entered the field, and a few minutes from the triple whistle it was Angeletti who fixed the result on the final 1-3 with a precise conclusion from the edge of the area on an assist from Petrovic.

This is the scoreboard of the joint training session:

Padova – SPAL 1-3

Scorers: 1’ pt Rabbi, 38’ pt Zamparo, 15’ st Van der Vlugt, 31’ st Angeletti

Padova: Donnarumma, Delli Carri, Belli, Crisetig, Fusi, Dezi, Villa, Palombi, Faedo, Tordini (29’ st Capelli), Zamparo. Substitutes: Zanellati, Perrotta, Varas, Valente, Radrezza, Crescenzi, Bianchi, Capelli, Bortolussi, Liguori, Favale, Cretella. Coach Oddo

SPAL: Alfonso (1’ st Meneghetti), Fiordaliso (37°pt Nador), Contiliano (1’ st Imputato) (20’ st Pegoraro), Collodel (13’ st Van Der Vlugt), Orfei (1’ st Tripaldelli), Rabbi (1’ st Angeletti), Zilli (1’ st Cecchianto), Arena (1’ st Rao), Breit (20’ st Rizzotto), Maistro (1’ st Petrovic), Carbone (1’ st Bertini). Substitutes: Galeotti. Coach Di Carlo