SPALPrimavera team ends championship with a loss against Udinese

SUNDAY, MAY 12, 2024

Primavera team ends championship with a loss against Udinese

Last day of the championship for coach Grieco's SPAL Primavera, which came out defeated 2-0 from the away match at the home of Udinese.

The hosts started strongly and in the third minute came close to taking the lead with Asante's raid and in the ninth broke the balance with Russo's goal, served from the left by Bonin.

The biancazzurri reacted and midway through the first half Andreoli went close to equalizing with a conclusion from the distance that was printed on the crossbar. A few minutes later it was the same spallino number ten who made a nice cross inside the area on which Osti ventured, but his header missed the goal by a whisker.

The last excitement of the first half is always of the biancazzurra brand with Aurino's beautiful volley from the edge of the area, which forces Malusa to make a great intervention to save Udinese's lead.

In the second half, the pace dropped and the match continued with balance without any particular goal chances for either team, until the 82nd minute when El Bouradi broke free on the flank and crossed centrally for Asante who beat Romagnoli and closed the match definitively.


Udinese - SPAL  2-0

Scorers: 9' Russo, 82' Asante

Udinese: Malusa, Shpuza (90' Scaramelli), Palma, Nwachukwu, Nuredini, Bozza, Bonin (78' Tedeschi), Demiroski, Asante (90' Cella), Di Leva (67' El Bouradi), Russo (67' Barbaro). Substitutes: Kristancig, Olivo, Cacciopoli, Xhavara, Landoldo. Coach Bubnjic

SPAL: Romagnoli, Osti, Cicero (78' Anzolin), Aurino (70' Marrale), Vesprini, Mayele, Casari, Kane (60' Zilli), Camelio, Andreoli (70' Kola), Torre (78' Pisasale). Substitutes: Costantini, Nistor, Diallo. Coach Grieco

Referee: Drigo from Portogruaro (Storgato from Castelfranco Veneto - Cerrato from San Donà di Piave)

Notes: yellow cards for Nwachukwu, Shpuza (U), Mayele, Camelio (S).