SPALAccademia SPAL Femminile wins and gains arithmetic salvation

MONDAY, MAY 20, 2024

Accademia SPAL Femminile wins and gains arithmetic salvation

Goal achieved for the Accademia SPAL Femminile that, thanks to the 1-3 victory at home of Condor Treviso, can celebrate the arithmetic salvation without going through the playout with two days to go in the Serie C Championship. 

To open the scoring is the spallina forward Sabia who after only ten minutes breaks the balance with a powerful conclusion from the distance, which is placed at the crossroads of the posts. the same Sabia repeats a few minutes later, transforming the penalty kick won by Salimata for the partial 0-2 of the biancazzurre.

On the half-hour mark, only bad luck denied Loberti the joy of the goal, with her shot hitting the post, but it was only the prelude to the third goal, which arrived on the following corner thanks to a deflection by Treviso's Ferrario.

Shortly before halftime the result changed again with the hosts shortening the distance with Simeoni's shot from the penalty spot, awarded by the match director for a hand foul committed by Orsini, which fixed the result at 1-3.

At the start of the second half, coach Rossi's team continued to create goal chances, touching the fourth goal with attempts by Salimbeni and Hassanaine, but home goalkeeper Stecchini exalts his reflexes and saves his goal in both circumstances.

In the final, the pace dropped and at the triple whistle the celebration of the Accademia SPAL Femminile can explode for the conquest of salvation.

"The few points collected in the first round could have destabilized any environment," said Head of the Women's Sector Mauro Rotondi, "instead, the team was able to express itself at great levels in the return round, maintaining confidence and awareness in its own means to fight for points on every field. I want to congratulate all the girls for the maturity they showed in difficult moments, as well as coach Leo Rossi, sports director Mattia Martini and all the members of the technical and medical staff for their extraordinary work."

It was not lucky, however, the debut of the Accademia SPAL Femminile Under 19 in the final phase for the national title of the category, which was defeated 5-0 at home by Calcio Padova Femminile.

Coach Andrea Orrù's girls are now preparing to host Real Meda CF on Saturday, May 25 in Vigarano, and then await the outcome of the challenge between the Lombardy and the Biancoscudate women, which will determine the final classification of the triangular and the team qualified for the national semifinals.

Below is the match scoreboard of the women's first team:

Condor Treviso - Accademia SPAL Femminile  1-3

Scorers: 10’ and 17’ rig. Sabia (S), 34’ og. Ferrario (S), 41’ pen. Simeoni (T)

Condor Treviso: Stecchini, Grillo, Ferrario, Natali, Toppan, Simeoni, Dal Zotto, Fassin, Bortolato, Zornio, Gabbiadini. A disposizione: Dal Bon, Mason, Pavan, Bortolotto, Simionato, Canal, Pavan B. Coach Garbujo

Accademia SPAL Femminile: Cazzioli, Pacella (75’ Omokaro), Chiellini, Sabia, Loberti (51’ Salimbeni), Hassanaine, Dal Brun (80’ Racioppo), Orsini, Berti, Ballo, Carli. A disposizione: Nicola, Jaszczyszyn, Zanini, Perna, Pini. Coach Rossi

Referee: Lorenzo Travaini from Busto Arsizio (Quaglia from Mestre – De Marchi from Treviso)