SPALSPeciALissimi protagonists at the "Domeniche di Sport" at Villa Imoletta

MONDAY, MAY 20, 2024

SPeciALissimi protagonists at the "Domeniche di Sport" at Villa Imoletta

New appointment for the SPeciALissimi who, a week after their absolute debut on the green rectangle, on Sunday, May 19 were among the protagonists of a new initiative based on sports and inclusion in the magnificent setting of Villa Imoletta in Quartesana.

"Domeniche di Sport," an event organized with the contribution of Fondazione Imoletta and the patronage among others of the Italian Paralympic Committee Emilia Romagna, saw the athletes of Olimpia Quartesana, Format Ferrara and Sport IN Veneto take the field in a quadrangular seven-a-side soccer match together with the SPeciALissimi biancazzurri.

At the end of a beautiful morning of fun aimed at the development of socialization and autonomy of all participants, the youngsters of the biancazzurra team born from the activities of SPAL Foundation were able to celebrate reaching third place in the tournament, thus archiving with great joy and satisfaction what will remain an unforgettable day.


S Peci a Lissimi Fondazione Imoletta 1

In photo, the SPeciALissimi team celebrates third place at the end of the tournament