SPALThe presentation conference of general manager Luca Carra


The presentation conference of general manager Luca Carra

This afternoon at the press room of the "G.B. Fabbri" Sports Center was held the presentation conference of the new Spallino general manager Luca Carra, who answered questions from the journalists present.

Welcoming the new manager was directly biancozzurro president Joe Tacopina, via video link from the United States, who said, "I am happy to be here today to announce Luca Carra's entrance into the Biancozzurra family, because he is a high-profile professional who has had important experiences in the world of Italian soccer. I have had the opportunity to know him personally on the field in the past years and to see his working method up close, noting his great skills in the asset and financial management of the Clubs of which he has been director. In the Clubs in which he has worked, moreover, he has also been able to achieve great sporting successes, so I am certain that he is the right person, and on the occasions we have had so far to confront each other he has shown great enthusiasm, involvement and determination to make his own contribution to the growth of SPAL."

After the president's welcome, it was the new general manager Luca Carra who took the floor to answer questions from the press: "The president has given me the task of reorganizing and optimizing some mechanisms within the Club. We all know that this is a Club that is making great efforts to reduce a high amount of debt inherited from the past, and everything will continue to be done to continue on this path, equally growing more and more as a Society."

"When I talk about cost optimization, I certainly do not mean that a team will not be set up: soccer teaches us that those who spend the most do not always win, because it is not necessary to spend millions upon millions if you do it badly. Even looking specifically at the reality of Serie C, Juve Stabia, for example, won promotion by spending much less than the other teams at the top of the standings, as did Lecco in the even earlier season. I believe that it is necessary to spend well and structure the club as professionally as possible, because the one who makes the least mistakes is the one who wins."

"Despite the physical distance with the president there is a continuous exchange of information, because he wants to be constantly updated and it is right that he should be. This is not my first experience with a foreign ownership and I am not afraid to take responsibility. I start with the idea of developing as best I can what the president has asked of me and I will always do whatever I think is right for the good of the club."

"I am certainly not here to be a liquidator, but to optimize costs. This does not necessarily mean cutting, because you can spend the same amount but get better results and avoid waste. The reference to "cutting" may suggest demobilization, but this is not the case: the president first and foremost has no intention of demobilizing anything, but rather wants this Society to be able to grow and become more and more structured."

"I am the first to be convinced that in order to win we all have to be together, united and rowing on the same side. I don't want to get into what happened in the past, but on my part there will always be the utmost openness and transparency to all fans who wish to have a confrontation. What we do should not be a secret thing hidden within these walls, because SPAL represents a city and values and we know how important the fans' input can be."