S.P.A.L. Card

What is it?

The SPAL CARD is necessary to sign up to a season pass to the Stadio “Paolo Mazza” of Ferrara and enables the use of concessional terms and promotions.

The SPAL CARD will replace the old SPAL Serie B and Lega Pro fan cards when these expire (the validity date is indicated on the card).

How to request it

SPAL Point of the “Le Mura” Commercial Centre in Ferrara

In this case, the card-holders, if adult, must be present. For minors, the presence of a parent is, instead, essential.

To start the card issuing procedure, an identity document must be shown.

On the scheduled opening days, at the SPAL POINT ticket office at the “Le Mura” commercial centre (Via Copparo 132, Ferrara).


You can sign up to the SPAL CARD:

  • From Monday to Friday: 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

From Wednesday, 8 June, to Thursday, 11 August, the SPAL CARD is on sale for € 15,00.

N.B.: Days and hours could change based on availability issued by the competent authorities.


The following data are needed to sign up online:

  • Your personal details and residence
  • a digital photo of your face, in jpg or png format, with a minimum size of 600 × 600 pixels and no larger than 4MB.
    WARNING: it must be the same type of “formal” photo that is used for ID cards; thus, we suggest using a neutral (e.g. white) background. Remember that accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, and hats must not be worn. Do not smile or make faces: this is an official photo that is needed to recognise fans (see the example below). If you upload a photo with dimensions greater than 600 x 600 pixels, you will be able to resize it to centre the face.

NOTICE: for those SPAL CARDs issued at SPAL POINTS, you will no longer need to present yourself with a photo ID. The photo ID will only be requested for the online procedure or in the case of a minor not present when signing up at the ticket office.

The card may be collected from the SPAL POINT ticket office at the “Le Mura” Commercial Centre on Via Copparo 132 in Ferrara, on those days dedicated to SPAL CARD applications. To collect the card, you must present yourself with the print-out of the email containing the ID code.

Users will be able to choose between 2 methods for collecting the SPAL CARD:

  • “At the SPAL point”: the card may be collected immediately after having received the Vivaticket email that arrives at the same time as payment, with a new card number, respecting opening days and hours for issuing SPAL CARDs
  • “Home delivery”: the card will arrive after a minimum of 25 days from the application and will have an additional cost of € 9.00 for shipping.

For information about activating the card with “home delivery”, contact the ticket office at the email address

Users that have the orange-coloured Lega Pro Card must choose “new issue”. As a result, when printing and collecting the card, the ticket office will carry out the necessary transfer operations to the new card.

Cost and validity

The expiry of the SPAL CARD is printed on the card itself. The cards last for 3 years. The cost is € 25.00, plus any shipping expenses. In the period from 8 June to 11 August, the cost will be € 15.00.

Regulations and conditions

Read the conditions of use for the “SPAL CARD”. Clickhere


Reprint tickets issued via the SPAL portal on the Vivaticket website.


Procedure for changing the user via the SPAL portal on the website:Vivaticket