Under-14 Accreditation Regulations

As stipulated by Decree-Law No 8/2007, converted with amendments into Law No 41 of 4 April 2007, relating to “Issuing free tickets to minors”, SPAL Srl informs you that the initiative for facilitating free access to the Paolo Mazza stadium for kids under 14 (if accompanied by a parent or relation up to the fourth degree who pays for a regular ticket issued by us at the same time as the complimentary ticket) is active, for at least 50% of the Serie BKT championship matches (in the dedicated sections, with automatic seat assignment and until all available seats are taken).

Purchase of access pass for companion and collection of complimentary ticket for kids UNDER 14::

Interested parties must send requests complete with self-certification demonstrating the degree of kinship (see the special form) and accompanied by a copy of the ID cards of the parties concerned to the email address:


The ticket prices are those established for the relevant match.

The collection of complimentary, Under-14 tickets and the payment of the adult companion's ticket must occur according to the time frames stipulated by the notice relating to the sale of tickets for the relevant match.

The promotion cannot be activated if the relation-companion has already independently purchased the match ticket.

General notices:

The companion is obliged to ensure that the minor is watched for the entirety of the match. Minors without a companion do not have the right to access the stadium, even if they have a regular Under-14 complimentary ticket. In this regard, we would like to inform you that the companion and the minor must present themselves together at the pre-filtering gates and turnstiles, provided with their valid ID cards. The companion must be an adult and must accompany just one Under-14.

* *For “Under 14” we mean a minor who has not yet turned 14 on the day of the match for which the ticket is requested.