Differently Abled Accreditation Regulations

SPAL srl has established a booking service for places reserved for 100% disabled persons with a companion.

The service, which is mandatory for requesting accreditation, allows disabled people to access, free of charge, the stadium during SPAL Srl home matches in compliance with current regulations.

For safety and accessibility reasons, there is a predetermined number of reserved places available until they are all taken. The seat assignment takes place in order of arrival of the request, without the applicant being able to choose.

The granting of accreditations and the purchase of tickets for people who are disabled, including temporarily, may only occur in the sections arranged for this according to safety regulations, i.e. in front of the first rows of the white stand, even and odd; blue stand, odd; and east curve sections.

People who are disabled and/or who have mobility problems must enter through the special entry points placed, respectively, on the side of the white stand, even, and special east curve entrance.

The accreditations may be requested according to the following timelines:

  • beginning from the seventh day preceding the match day
  • by and no later than 12:00 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday match
  • by 12:00 p.m. on the third day prior to the match if the match day is not a Saturday

Any changes will be communicated on the website when news is published of each individual match.

Requests must be sent to the email address:, accompanied by:

  • the ID card of the disabled person and their companion
  • a document that certifies the 100% disability and the need for the companion or type-A disability card
  • privacy consent form for sensitive data processing filled in and signed (Privacy form)
  • Telephone number and email address of the disabled person and their companion


Please indicate in the accreditation application if the disabled person can walk or uses a wheelchair.

A free accreditation will be issued to the disabled person and to the companion of the disabled person.


If accepted, written confirmation and tickets in .pdf format will be sent to the email address from which the request was made. If you do not receive anything it means that the availability was exhausted.

The club reserves the right to accept requests by respecting the order of submission.

Entry will not be granted, even if in possession of a regular ticket, if the checks should reveal any irregularity or discrepancy.

The ticket issued will grant right of access only in the section indicated thereon.

The right of the companion must be indicated on the disability certificate.

People with a disability ranging between 80% and 100% (without the obligation of a companion) and people in possession of a Disability card (not type A), may purchase tickets at a reduced rate by contacting the ticket office at the email address: or by telephoning 0532 067238.

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