Differently abled accreditation regulations

S.P.A.L. S.r.l. has established a seat reservation service reserved for 100% disabled persons with accompanying persons.

The service, which is mandatory to apply for accreditation, provides disabled persons with free access to the stadium at S.P.A.L.'s home games in accordance with current regulations, the stadium's rules of use and all regulations provided by the S.P.A.L. Club, which can be found at this link.

For safety and accessibility reasons, reserved seats are available in a predetermined number and subject to availability. Seat allocation will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, with no choice by the applicant.

The granting of accreditation and the purchase of tickets for persons with disabilities, even momentary ones, according to the regulations on safety can only take place in the designated sectors, i.e. in front of the first rows of the sectors of the Tribuna Bianca Pari and Dispari, Tribuna Blu Dispari and Curva Est. The assigned sector and seat are not on the ticket and will be indicated by the control officers upon entry, which for the Tribune (first assigned sector) takes place from Gate No. 56 located in Corso Piave and for the Curva Est sector takes place from Gate No. 13 located in Corso Piave corner of Via Montegrappa.

The admission of persons with disabilities and/or in the presence of walking problems must always take place from the appropriate entrances located on the side of the Tribuna Bianca Pari and in Curva Est, respectively.

Parking spaces for people with disabilities are located on Via Paolo V and on Via Ortigara in the section between Via Cassoli and Via Poledrelli.

Accreditation may be requested in the following timelines:

  • starting from the seventh day before the day of the race;
  • no later than noon on the Thursday before the match on Sunday;
  • by no later than noon on the third working day before the match if the match day is other than Sunday, For example, Wednesday for matches on Saturday. Watch out for any holidays including the Patron Saint, which is celebrated in Ferrara on April 23.

Any changes will be announced within when the news of each individual match is published.

Requests should be sent to e-mail complete with:

  • ID documents of the disabled person and the accompanying person;
  • document certifying 100% disability and the need for a companion or Type A Disability card;
  • notice for the processing of sensitive data (downloadable here);
  • phone number and e-mail address of the disabled person and the accompanying person.

Please indicate in the accreditation request whether the disabled person is ambulatory or wheelchair-bound. One complimentary accreditation will be issued to the disabled person and one complimentary accreditation in the case of a companion of the disabled person.


If accepted, written confirmation and tickets in pdf format will be sent to the e-mail from which you made the request. If nothing is received, it means that the availability limit has been reached.

The company reserves the right to accept requests received respecting the order of submission.

Entry will not be allowed, even if in possession of a regular ticket, if irregularities or inconsistencies are found in the checks.

The ticket issued entitles the holder to enter only the sector indicated on it.

The right to a companion must be shown on the disability certification.

People with disabilities between 80% and 100% (no accompanying person required) and people with Disability Card (not type A), can purchase tickets with reduced fares by contacting the Club's Ticket Office at or by calling 0532 067238.

Read the accreditation information