Guest Fan Information

Stadio “Paolo Mazza” - HOW TO GET THERE

Arriving by the A13 motorway:

Ferrara Sud exit, SS723 direzione fiera, uscita fiera, Via della Fiera, Via Ferraresi, Via Argine Ducale, Via Mulinetto, Via Ippolito d’Este, Via Darsena, Corso Isonzo / Via Cassoli - guest fan parking.

Arriving at the Ferrara Railway Station:

Exit at Via Del Lavoro railway underpass, TPER shuttle bus terminal, then Via Del Lavoro, Via Maverna, Via Drigo, Via Bonzagni, Argine Ducale roundabout, Via Mulinetto, Via Ippolito d’Este, Via Darsena, Corso Isonzo, Via Cassoli, Corso Vittorio Veneto.

Return route:

Corso Vittorio Veneto, Via Cassoli, Corso Isonzo, Via Darsena, Via Ippolito d’Este, Via Mulinetto, Argine Ducale roundabout, Via Bonzagni, Via Drigo, Via Maverna, Via del Lavoro, TPER shuttle bus terminal, Via del Lavoro railway underpass.


The introduction of banners, megaphones, and drums (single-headed) is subject to prior authorisation by the security operations group.
The request must be made by and no later than 7 days prior to the sports event via a special form to be requested via email at the address:
If material has already been authorised by the police station of the city of residence, communication must be sent with attached certification to the above-mentioned email address.
All the regulations, including the request form, can be consulted on the website: in the STADIUM section.


The regulations for accrediting disabled persons, can be consulted on the website: in the TICKETS section.


To ensure the best welcome and the safety of guest fans, a special parking area is dedicated to guest fans next to the Tribuna Est, delimited by Betafence fences and protected by stewards.
Access to this area is through the gate on Corso Isonzo, at the intersection with Corso Piave.
Guest fans will be welcomed by the stewards and instructed on the methods for parking their vehicles.
Through the outflow gate on Via Cassoli, it will be possible (up to two and half hours before the start of the match) to exit the dedicated parking area and go on foot towards the centre of the city of Ferrara, approximately 1 km from the “Paolo Mazza” stadium.
From two and half hours before the match onwards, it will no longer be possible to leave the delimited area and it will be necessary to wait in that location for the opening of the pre-filtering gates, which will occur two hours before the start of the match.
Guests who have a regular access pass for the stand and bleacher sections, after having completed the first ticket controls at the gate on Via Cassoli, will be guided by the stewards through special gates to their sections.
The dedicated parking area is located within a residential area that is monitored by a video surveillance service. You must, therefore, respect public health and urban decorum regulations. Acts of vandalism and those contrary to public decency will be detected and those responsible will be sanctioned as per the relevant regulations.

Tifoseria Ospiti Mappa Circolazione 1


We remind guest fans that the purchase of a ticket to access the sports facility implies acceptance of the regulations of use of the “Paolo Mazza” stadium, which can be consulted on the website:

By way of non-limiting example:
– To access the sports facility, you need, in addition to the entrance ticket, a valid ID card to show at the request of stewards or law enforcement, in order to verify that the ticket holder and possessor of the same match.
– The access pass is individual; it cannot be transferred to third parties and must be kept until the end of the event.
It is absolutely forbidden:
– To express, via chants or writing, any form of racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination, or any other manifestation of intolerance
– To linger near gates, emergency exits, access or escape routes without legitimate grounds
– To climb on the railings, gates, and parapets
– To damage or tamper with structures and materials of the sports facility
– To introduce glass, tins, and plastic containers
– To introduce or keep firearms, edged weapons, smoke bombs, flares, rockets, firecrackers, and fireworks

For knowledge of all the regulations to comply with and the stipulated sanctions, guest fans are invited to consult the complete “Paolo Mazza” stadium regulations of use.

At the end of the match, guest fans are invited to wait for instructions from the staff to proceed with the regular exit of their section, according to the times established by the official in charge of public order.
It should also be noted that, inside and outside the facility, an audio-visual recording system is active, whose data are processed according to the provisions stipulated by Legislative Decree No 196 of 30 June 2003 and by Ministerial Decree 06/06/2006.


Tourist information about the city of Ferrara and the province can be consulted on the